Hebei Chongtian Metal Products Co., Ltd. was found in May 29, 2017, located at West Side of Shanshui Street, Hengde Industrial Park, Gucheng County, with a business scope: Metal wire rope and its products, plastic products, and rubber products manufacturing, processing and marketing; steel rolling processing and marketing; processing and marketing of metal surface treatment and heat treatment.

This project covers an area of 176 mu, including new production workshops, raw material warehouse, finished goods warehouse and office complex, etc., with a total construction area of 37,300 m2.

This project has 434 new machines in total, including rough drawing production lines of wire rod pretreatment, straight drawing machine and copper coating production lines of steel wire heat treatment.

The total investment of project is 120 million yuan, including: construction engineering investment of 45 million yuan, equipment purchase and installation cost of 50 million yuan, other cost of 3 million yuan, reserve cost of 7 million yuan, fixed investments of 105 million yuan, and start-up capital of 15 million yuan.

The selection of processing equipment is based on high starting point, high standard and high energy efficiency to realize advanced application, safety and reliability, and ensure the quality of products.

After satisfying the requirements of production flow specification, the workshop process layout shall be arranged according to the principle of “smooth process flow and reasonable logistics”, and some space shall be left for further development.

The principle of “Three Simultaneous” shall be executed for excellent design of environmental protection, occupational safety, industrial hygiene and firefighting facilities, etc.

Construction scale: annual steel wire production of 35,000 tons, rubber tube of 4 million meters, and plastic products of 1,200 tons.

Total project investment and fund source: Total investment of 120 million Yuan, including fixed investment of 105 million Yuan and start-up capital of 15 million Yuan, all belong to enterprise self-raising funds.

Term from construction start and finish time: 12 months, June 2017 - June 2018.

1) Steel Wire Process and Equipment

I. Rough Drawing Procedures

Wire Rod Setting Out — Mechanical Descaling (Rust Cleaning) — Rust Cleaning by Brush (Rust Cleaning by Sanding Belt) — Water Washing — Borax Application — Wiredrawing — Wire Collection

II. Heat Treatment Copper Coating Procedures

Setting Out — Steel Wire Heat Treatment (Natural Gas) — Water Quenching — Water Cooling — Electrolytic Alkaline Cleaning — Water Washing — Acid Cleaning (Hydrochloric Acid) — Water Washing — Pyrophosphate Copper Electroplating — Water Washing — Electrogalvanizing — Water Washing — Heat Diffusion (Intermediate Frequency Furnace) — Phosphoric Acid Cleaning — Water Washing — Soaping — Drying (Electric) — Wire Collection

III. Water Tank Drawing

Setting Out — Water Tank Drawing — Wire Collection — Inspection — Packing — Storage

Equipment: 3 production lines of wire rod pretreatment, straight wire drawing machines (10 sets of rough draft machines and 15 sets of intermediate drawing machines), 2 production lines of electrocoppering, 2 production lines of electrogalvanizing, 200 sets of turnover water tank wire-drawing machines, 2 sets of pointing rolling machines and 15 sets of butt welding machines.

2)Rubber Hose Process

Feeding — Mixing — Tube Blank Forming — Braiding & Winding — Rubber Coating — Water Cloth Wrapping — Sulfidation — Decoring — Pressure Test — Packing — Storage

Equipment: 1 set of internal mixer, 2 sets of open mills, 1 set of filter, 2 sets of extruders, 5 sets of stranding machines, 20 sets of braiding machines, 2 sets of winding machines, 6 sets of water cloth machines, 4 sets of hydraulic test pumps and 3 sets of packing machines.

3) Plastic Products Process

Feeding — Plasticizing — Injecting — Pressure Maintaining — Cooling — Removing Product from Molds — Product Trimming — Inspection — Packing — Storage

Equipment: 10 sets of injection molding machines and 1 set of plastic extruder.